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Cute Coed Shannon Public Bending Over

ftv upskirt

When it comes up girls bending over, public upskirts, flashing, public nudity, and just generally enjoying girls from all the good angles FTV Girls is pretty much tops. The girls are super hot and sexy too, some in very natural ways. Like cute coed Shannon, this girl is really the girl next door, a little bit on the soft and cuddly side but super cute, and she is up for a challenge. So when they ask her to go in public with no panties under her little sun dress, she’s all into it. Soon she is bending over to expose her sexy ass and shaved pussy from behind, just the way we love it. Talk about a really sexy girl! Then she gets too turned on and they hand her a big cucumber and she goes for it, masturbating for the first time and cumming hard! Now that’s a way to enjoy public bending over and get all worked up!

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Sexy Blond With Long Legs Bending Over

long legs bending over

Sexy blond girls bending over is already pretty much a good thing, even better when they have super long legs and are doing the deed in a short skirt – and no panties! I found hotty Heather over at FTV Girls going her first even nudes (and more) and she doesn’t disappoint. She’s one of those model body type girls, 34B-25-35, and she has spent a fair bit of time as a glamour model – she’s got the look and the body for it. So it’s super hot to see her lose her panties in public, turn around, and give us repeated sexy bending over shots with plenty of upskirt action, her puffy pussy peeping out and her sweet ass cheeks ready for some action. This girl shows off her pussy and ass, plenty of bending over shots, and even masturbates in public and cums hard – she’s totally turned on by showing off her sexy body!

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Busty Sara Willis Bending Over

sara willis big tits

I have to say that Sara Willis is one hell of a sexy busty babe. Now I know, this blog is all about asses and bending over, but I have to say that it’s her big tits that are a big part of why this bending over shot is so good. First off, Sara Willis hits all the high parts by wearing a really short skirt, high heels, and bending over the pool table like a good girl should, giving us a great view of her largish ass and nice full thighs. But what caught my eye is as sara willis is bending over, her big tits are also bending over, hanging down in a manner that makes me want to come up behind her and rub on her butt, and reach to squeeze her big udders from behind! This girl must be a fucking blast to bang stand up doggy style, bending over like this with her big tits swaying and her ass going slap slap slap every time you hit it. Now that’s a good bend over!

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Hotty Harper Bends Over In a Short Skirt

Microdresses are a wonderful idea, a super short and super tight dress that lets a girls natural curves show through, and gives us great views of her sexy legs. Harper is a hotty from FTV Girls who manages to fill this sexy dress perfectly. Oh yeah, she’s outdoors, and Harper didn’t bother to put on panties. So when she bends over and just about touches her toes, well, her sweet shaved pussy comes peeping out, and we are presented with an absolutely stunning view of her long legs, her tight ass, and her sweet pussy lips. Damn, this girl is hot! She loves to show off in her sexy short skirt, and gives us plenty of hot shots. Upskirts and bending over, a great combination!

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Genie Onyx Bends Over the Teachers Desk

While I will admit that this isn’t a complete bending over touching the toes sort of deal, it is to me one hell of a sexy bend over scene for sure. Genie Onyx is a stunner with long, sexy legs, a short sexy schoolgirl uniform, high heels, stocking, and well, everything we need for a whole lot of fun. Apparently she is a naughty schoolgirl too, bent over the teachers desk to get a little attention. Well, she has my attention, that is for sure, with her excellent sexy ass poking out and her panties just barely keeping her pouting pussy in place, this is a great angle. I mean, wow, I would fuck her right there, bent over the desk like that – or perhaps just lean in and lick her out over her panties. What about you? Want to help her out?

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Sexy Melana Almost Touches Her Toes

Hello panties! Once again, FTV Girls scores with another stunning hotty, and they get her to get naughty in public for our enjoyment. She really gets into it, it’s her first ever nude and sexy shoot, and she isn’t shy to let us check out her amazing body. This 19 year old has got great legs, a really nice ass, and a perfectly shaved pussy hiding behind those pink panties. It’s fucking awesome to see her bending over in these high heels, her legs look even longer and oh so tasty! She loves to masturbate in public too, so you know this girl is going to be fun!

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Russian Coed Vilma Bends Over and Smiles

The first thing I though of when I saw this shot of sexy Russian coed Vilma was “Hello Kitty!”. I love when a nice pair of shaved pussy lips push out between a girls thighs, the from behind look is so damn hot and this spinner coed is looking like she is enjoying showing it all off. The pink tutu is a nice touch too, very useful when you aren’t wearing panties. Vilma gives us plenty of hot looks at her sweet ass and pussy upskirt style, from the front and the back, before she settles down to masturbate like crazy, she is so horny for the camera. You know with an ass like that this girl won’t be alone long, and her Nubiles sets include some nice hardcore action too, with some nice doggy and cowgirl so we can enjoy that sexy ass some more!

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Ivy Snow Bending Over For Christmas

Well, Christmas is almost here, and Ivy Snow is certainly showing us that she loves to celebrate. Your christmas gift has arrived, and she is bending over under the tree just for you. Talk about a tasty rump, Ivy Snow is a teen semi-pro poker player show loves to not only outdraw you on the table, she loves to tease you like mad in real life. This Christmas set is full on hot and sexy, with Ivy bending over to show off her sexy ass and really giving us a treat, before she moves on to playing, teasing, and finally fucking herself with a vibrator! Wouldn’t you love to just dive in and enjoy those sweet ass cheeks?

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Simony Diamond Stunning Upskirt Bend Over Shot

This is one hell of a hot bend over shot, for all sorts of reasons. First off, Simony Diamond is one hotty babe, with amazing long legs and a sexy ass. Second, the skirt is so wonderfully short, and the panties so wonderfully small. Third, the high heels are working it even more, posing her ass right up there in the air like we like it, and finally, because Simony Diamond knows you are checking out her ass and she loves it! This girl is stunning, and she knows how to work it, giving us first these great upskirts and then stripping down entirely (but leaving on the high heels, good girl!), and gives us even more great bend over shots nude too, and some nice frontal crouch and spread shots too. Absolutely taste, sexy, and a girl who knows how to really bend it over!

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Sexy Redhead Kloe Kane Bends Over

The quest for the best girl bent over shots is a never ending process, I look everywhere! In this case, I just got a list of fresh new galleries from Nubiles, and went looking. What a prize, check out sexy redhead Kloe Kane. First off, I am a sucker for redheads, they are rare these days, and Kloe is a real cutie. This 19 year old is actually a pretty petite 5 foot 3, measuring 32-24-34, but damn, what nice curves. I love this girl’s ass, it looks firm and tasty, and I love any girl who will hike their skirt up and bend over to show it all off. She doesn’t just give us one good shot either, she knows we love to see her from behind, and as she gets naked in this set, she turns around and gives us another great no panties doggy style bend over too, and then another one as she attacks her sugar sweet pink pussy with a vibrator. You have to love a girl who knows what we want to see!

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