Bend Over Babe

hot girls bent over to show their nice asses and juicy pussy from behind

Leggy Lepidoptera Bending Over In Heels


Gotta love this shot! Sexy Lepidoptera is a girl that I have seen around a bit, I always remember her because her name is so damn hard to spell, and I certainly would blow the pronunciation too. Let’s just stick with hot girl with sexy legs in high heels bending over. Now that I can write, that I can understand, and that I can get a boner about! This girl has amazing long legs, a very nice tight body, and her little panties don’t do much to cover her ass or anything. She gives us great views from all angles, but I love this one the best, because she is bending over so much she could easily touch her toes. I could picture running up behind her for a grab!

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